Passionate about Water Purification

AgriSafe™ uses patented H2Ozone Technology to accurately deliver a naturally self-disinfecting supply of Pure Ozonated Water for Livestock (Beef, Dairy, Poultry, Piggery & Equine), Food Processing, Hydroponic Cultures & CIP applications.

RainSafe™ uses patented H2Ozone Technology to provide a chemical-free purification solution for all water sources to independently verified drinking water standards. RainSafe™ offers 24/7 365-day guaranteed pure drinking water solutions

H2Ozone patented Technology completely eradicates all harmful bacteria and pathogens from all water sources. Our compact, energy-efficient machines create and harness the natural phenomena of Ultra-Violet light and Ozone, plus Filtration, to produce an environmentally sustainable and chemical-free supply of the pure, clean, fresh water.

24/7/365-day guaranteed pure drinking water solution. Pure Water Technology from H2Ozone will provide a supply of water, clear of contamination – the only totally integrated, chemical-free, water solution that is constantly monitored day and night, using the latest tested andproven 3G and WiFi technology

Chemical-Free, our AgriSafe™ and RainSafe™ Pure Water Technology harnesses the natural phenomena of Ultra-Violet and Ozone, plus Filtration, to economically inactivate all pathogenic micro-organisms from your water supply, including the hazardous E.coli, Salmonella, Legionella and Campylobacter bacteria and the Cryptosporidium oocyst. Because H2Ozone Technology is a chemical-free process (no chlorine or fluoride is used), no carcinogenic THMs (Trihalomethanes) are created, guaranteeing a 24/7/365-day sustainable supply of pure, clean, fresh water.

Any Sustainable Source of water: AgriSafe™ and RainSafe™ will accept and purify natural or municipal water resource from any of these accessible sources: Well, Surface, Municipal, Rain or Borehole. Prior to all installations, your H2Ozone service distributor will recommend an inspection of the water quality from any of your sustainable sources.

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