End-User Perspective

Installation: Do I need a special room to house the RainSafe™ / AgriSafe™?

RainSafe™ & AgriSafe™ needs to be under a roof supplied with water,power and drainage.

I don’t want data connectivity.

Data connectivity is an option. It is necessary to register the installation with H2Ozone to activate your warranty, but the machine will function fine without using any data connectivity. You will lose the option of remote support.

We have a homemade rainwater harvesting system without a calmed inlet, can we install the RainSafe™ & AgriSafe™?

A calmed inlet and floating suction should be simple to retrofit and will greatly improve the water quality from your harvesting system. You could install without these, but you may have a much greater energy consumption and filters will need much more frequent replacement.

I’m away for 2 weeks , how do I check if the Rainsafe is still working?

You can see the machine status by logging into your monitoring service from any web browser on pc / tablet or smartphone.

If there is an Ozone leak in the RainSafe™ & AgriSafe™ am I protected? How will I know if it leaks, does the machine provide detection?

The RainSafe™ & AgriSafe™ controller includes an ambient ozone sensor and provides an audible and visual alarm at the control panel if an ozone leak is detected.

How much water can the RainSafe and the AgriSafe supply and treat?

The RainSafe can supply up to 7m3 (7000L per day). The AgriSafe can supply up to 21m3 (21000L per day).

I don’t have wi-fi coverage in the room where I plan to install the RainSafe. Do I have to get it?

No. If there is not Wi-Fi freely available we can offer our 3G connectivity option that connects over the mobile phone network. However, while on-line monitoring is a great feature to have it is not necessary for the safe operation of the machine.

Do I need to have a rainwater harvesting system in place before purchasing a RainSafe™ & AgriSafe™ or can I use mains supply?

It is not necessary to have a rainwater harvesting machine in place as the RainSafe™ & AgriSafe™ unit will treat water from Municipal, well water, bore hole water, surface and rain water to drinking water standards

Why a RainSafe™ / AgriSafe™ rather than a simple UV system?

It is the only fully integrated, chemically free, water solution available today:

  • Multiple treatment methods for added safety and confidence – filtration, on-demand UV and, Ozone.
  • Monitoring of water treatment and water quality.
  • Store treated water available on demand.
  • Offers an alternative booster systems as standard.

RainSafe™ & AgriSafe™ works up to a level of 75% humidity. Can’t it be used in hot and wet countries?

There is no problem to use RainSafe™ & AgriSafe™ if it is kept indoors.

Do RainSafe™ & AgriSafe™ consume a lot of electricity?

  • The RainSafe™ & AgriSafe™ are rated for 0.5kW/hour.
  • Electrical current = 50Hz AC, 13A, 210-220V
  • UV reactor: 60 Watts
  • Corona Discharge: 80 Watts

Scientific perspective

Will the RainSafe™ & AgriSafe™ treat ‘bugs’/bacteria in my water?

Yes, the RainSafe™ & AgriSafe™ are designed to treat ‘bugs’ and organic compounds.The RainSafe™ & AgriSafe™ destroy harmful bacteria in your source water, these include:

  • Clostridium perfringens
  • Coliforms
  • Cryptosporidium, Salmonella & E-Coli
  • Escherichia coli (E. coli)
  • Enterococci
  • Giardia
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Streptococci
  • A reduction in Total Viable Colonies (TVCs) in water under 10 cfu/ml
  • A reduction in Endotoxins in water
  • Faecal Contaminants in Rainwater
  • Protozoa's / Histomoniasis (blackhead)

Isn’t Ozone known to have negative effects on our health, if inhaled?

  • Ozone is a naturally occurring gas which has been used in water treatment systems for over 100 years, in fact it was the French who pioneered the use of ozone treatment for municipal water (Nice, 1906). There has been no reported deaths due to ‘inhalation’ by employees in any of these water treatment facilities over the 100 years. It is the concentration of ozone and length of exposure is the key health concern. Besides, Ozone poses no major threat in water, especially at the levels we use.
  • The RainSafe™ & AgriSafe™ are fitted with an ozone leak detection device that will switch the machine off if it detects higher than 0.1 concentration in the air.

Max water temperature is 25°C. Does it mean that bacteria could proliferate in a temperature above 25°C, such as in hot countries (i.e. Guadeloupe, Caribbean islands)?

25 degrees is the temperature we have tested to in the warm & humid room. There are several adverse effects as temperature increases: - ozone yield decreases, and ozone solubility in water decreases so it becomes much harder to achieve a redox target and ozone concentration in water. Also, bacterial regrowth is faster so there is more need to have ozone in the tank to guard against regrowth. And warm water is less palatable.

Is the water supplied from the RainSafe™ & AgriSafe™ safe for everyone or are there any restrictions around its use?

The Water from the RainSafe™ & AgriSafe™ unit is safe and there are no restrictions on it.

How do I know that the water coming out of the machine is safe to drink?

  • More than 50,000 water tests over 3 years and many systems. No pathogens found after the RainSafe™ & AgriSafe™, from source waters with high levels of pathogens. 25,000 tests by external labs.
  • KIWA, ACS, CE Declaration of conformity.
  • Approval of leading global universities: Trinity College Dublin, Exeter University, Bristol University England, Santiago De Compostela University Spain, and external labs: City Analysts Ireland, LMI labs in Belgium plus many more supporting our microbiological and chemical tests.
  • Excellent taste and odour results.
  • There are safety interlocks on the machine and if for whatever reason an error occurs that may impact the safe quality of the water the machine will inhibit water being pumped from the machine. So no water leaves the machine unless it has been treated correctly.
  • In addition the machine performance can be monitored on-line.

Does the RainSafe™ & AgriSafe™ treat well water?

Yes, the RainSafe™ & AgriSafe™ treat well water along with bore hole, surface, rain and municipal water supplies.

Can the pipes be damaged by the ozonated water leaving AgriSafe?

The Ozone level employed will not damage any pipework. (The Ozone used will remove any bio film from your pipes over a period of time)

Regulatory perspective

What certifications do the RainSafe™ & AgriSafe™ have?

KIWA, ACS, CE Declaration of conformity.

Financial perspective

What warranty do I have on the machine?

Free from defects in materials and workmanship for 12 months from date of purchase.


Who actually installs the machine?

The RainSafe™ & AgriSafe™ are installed and commissioned by RainSafe trained installations team.

How long does it take to Set up and Commission?

The installation and commissioning takes approx 2 hours.

Can the RainSafe™ & AgriSafe™ be installed in an attic?

You would need to be mindful that the weight of a full RainSafe is 300Kg approx., and consider the load bearing of the floor. Our recommended installation is on ground level, typically utility room or garage. However, some further details on the proposed location would clarify suitability.

Distributor’s Perspective

Do you provide training to our team of installers?

Yes, H2ozone provide you with the required support and training, so that you can manage all your customers’ expectation.